Timex Marathon GPS “How To”

Heartmonitors.com shows how to Set Up the Timex Marathon GPS Training Watch. See how to set up your user data, turn on the GPS, configure run mode, start training, and review, save, and delete your workout sessions.

Duration : 0:7:45

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  1. Bonjour, est-ce que …
    Bonjour, est-ce que cette montre peut se régler en français?

    est-ce qu’on peut voir notre vitesse et distance au moment de la course?


  2. can i see what i …
    can i see what i saved on my computer?

    1. Press MODE until SET then ok
    2. +,- until you get UNIT then ok
    3. +,- MI for English and KM for metric
    4. Push ok then MODE to save.

  4. @Runner4life365 go …
    @Runner4life365 go to set then units

  5. Legenda

  6. Yeah how do you …
    Yeah how do you change from kg to lbs plz reply and km to m

  7. Heyy my timex cant …
    Heyy my timex cant change to mode… i need help…. And there a strange lock came from no where on the corner of the screen.. please help man D: that watch is god expensivee

  8. I am wondering that …
    I am wondering that too??? How do we change from KG to LBS and from KM to M???

  9. How do I change …
    How do I change from KG to LBS in user profile when entering weight?

  10. Thanks – very …
    Thanks – very helpful! (Unlike the miserable manual that came with the watch.)

  11. I figured it out, …
    I figured it out, it had an existing run in progress of 99 hours 59 minutes. You have to finish that run and save it to a history file and then the chrono full error message goes away. You can then delete the history file if you want. That makes sense to me but it was not in any of the manuals or online information.

  12. I get the chrono …
    I get the chrono full message when I hit run mode also. Did you figure out why that happens?

  13. What happens when …
    What happens when it says Chrono Full when I hit Run Mode? Can’t get it to track my runs

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