CNET News – Using GPS to track exactly where cats creep

Cats tend to lead double lives, sometimes disappearing for long
periods of time without a hint of where they went. CNET’s Sumi Das
explains how one owner used GPS and other tracking devices to spy on
her cat after a mysterious five-week disappearance.

Duration : 0:3:5

15 Responses to “CNET News – Using GPS to track exactly where cats creep”

  1. cool! lesbians!
    cool! lesbians!

  2. I don’t know why I …
    I don’t know why I even bothered watching this

  3. That’s so cool a …
    That’s so cool a drone !

  4. She needs a man …
    She needs a man and needs to stop playing with cats. Cats have 9 lives, you worry yo much.

  5. No keeping cats …
    No keeping cats inside is bad. They love outside and unlike dogs they bury their and almost always return home.

  6. Betrayed woman? …
    Betrayed woman? Stalk? I think the issue isn’t about the cat.

  7. WTF… why would …
    WTF… why would you let your cat outside in a populated areas like that to begin with?

  8. she bought a drone …
    she bought a drone

    couldn’t hold myself at that one

  9. Its clear to say …
    Its clear to say you 2 are just stupid. Incapable of reading time stamps…video makes you sea sick…I really wonder sometimes if every human is really born with a brain.

  10. FAIL….. you are …
    FAIL….. you are forth……..

  11. jesus christ, crazy …
    jesus christ, crazy white people with to much money on their hands

  12. FIRST


  13. I lost my cat …
    I lost my cat Spuds like that. Let her out one day, she never came back 🙁

  14. I would so love to …
    I would so love to be her husband :)

  15. Crazy cat lady for …
    Crazy cat lady for sure. But when you love your pets I guess you’ll go all out.

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