What is the best GPS watch with HR monitor for mountain biking and running?

I love to mountain bike and run so I am looking for a watch that handles both, that isn’t too bulky. Most online reviews are outdated and product reviews seem too vague.

I think it’s going to depend the bike features (if any) you want. Any GPS watch on the market can track time, distance, and speed (in mph or kph) which are the basic things you’d probably want to see while mountain biking.

But some watches come with bike specific features like: speed and cadence sensors, power meter support, custom bike settings (good if you use multiple bikes with different wheel sizes WITH the speed and cadence sensor).

The problem is most of the watches with these features are found on the bulky, triathlete GPS watches.

But the TomTom Multi-sport might work for you. It has some bike features, supports a HRM, and isn’t too bulky.

Some good non-bike feature watches with a HRM are Garmin’s 210 and 610 — or, if you can wait a few weeks, these are being replaced by the 220 and 620.

If you want to read some more about the different features available, you can check out this buyers guide I wrote here: http://athletesgps.com/2013-gps-watch-buyers-guide/


Garmin vs TomTom for iPhone Comparison Video – App Review

Garmin StreetPilot vs TomTom USA for iPhone/iPod Touch is compared using two iPhone 4’s, one with the Magellan Premium Car Kit and the other with the TomTom Car Kit. We test both GPS apps on the road and look at things such as TTS voice guidance and traffic.

Garmin StreetPilot (v6.5.3)
TomTom U.S.A. (v1.6)

Garmin StreetPilot is available in the App Store for $39.99
TomTom U.S.A. is available in the App Store for $49.99

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Best Buy GPS – 7 Inch Android 4.0 GPS Navigator CubiDroid

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The coolest way to ride is with this all in one 7 Inch GPS navigator and car DVR known as the “CubiDroid”. Pull up to the lights knowing you know exactly where you are going as the his navigator has a built-in car GPS, which is ideal for guiding you around and to your desire destination, while highlighting, points of interest and any public stations and service stops. There is a mount for you to attach to your windscreen therefore you can position this 7 inch clearly for you to use as your drive. Also once you have finished you can detach this GPS and use it to that similar of a tablet PC by exploiting the Android operating system

The “CubiDroid” car GPS uses an Android 4.0 operating system, with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the “CubiDroid” has one of Android’s most advanced operating systems with a different flavor. Android 4.0 is fast and offers you a high level of customization options and a wealthy app store with more than 700,000 apps. Save all the recorded videos on the 8GB of internal memory or insert an SD Card of up to 32GB for later viewing. Ultra compact and light this “CubiDroid” also can be used as a handheld camera to film at parties, during a concert, or anywhere else you like. Connection and surf online due to the “CubiDroid” GPS navigator’s WiFi N ability.

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Best Garmin GPS Deals & Discount !!!

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How could you track someone with GPS?

Lets say you wanted to know where he goes, what he does & how long he does it. (Not in a creepy way of course. I just watch to many movies >:) )

But seriously, you see it in movies all the time. Shows like Burn Notice show people putting a small GPS into someones phone, boat or whatever. How do they do that? What do you need?

Putting a device on/in something and tracing it from a computer source would be ideal. How would someone go about doing that?

install spybuble on his cell, then you can track it with the gps.


can I return something to walmart I bought on my walmart credit card?

I bought a gps yesterday and find I have no need for it. (bad buy) can I return it and the money would go back into my account ?

Seriously? You don’t know how a refund works?

Yes, of course you can return it as long as you have the receipt. You need proof of purchase to get your money back.

They will refund the money back to whatever form of payment you used. If you used cash, they will give you cash back. If you used a card they will put the money back in the account.


How to prolong a cell phone’s battery?

**This question doesn’t deal with how long the battery lasts, it’s about how much charge a battery will hold.

I have the new galaxy s4 and I don’t want the battery to only last a few hours before I need to charge it again.
I’ve changed the settings to be as conservative as I can manage, but what about the physical things that I can do to prolong the battery life?
Out of the box, the instructions said to let the phone charge to 100% before use but I didn’t do exactly that. I plugged it in while playing around the settings.
I know that overcharging batteries kill them faster and I know that despite what I do, age will kill the battery anyways. I also know to store the battery in a cool place and not let it heat up, although my phone heats up while using it. Should I stop using it when it gets too hot?
Does a full cycle truly affect the battery life? I read on another Yahoo! Answer that it was a myth. But is it particularly harmful to not charge the phone until it is absolutely needed? And are there any real tips that will prolong the battery life?

Try these things…
Reduce the backlight brightness and timeout
if you have a live wallpaper, change it to static
turn off wi-fi, bluetooth, and nfc when not in use
disable GPS when not in use
stop apps running in the background
sync email and other things less often
turn off vibrate notifications
turn on power saving mode
try download a battery saving app


What is the best GPS watch for a distance runner?

During the summer, I want a good GPS watch to clock 5+ mile long runs with… I want a watch that can tell me my minute-per-mile pace, miles ran, and how long I am running for, but is still a fairly reasonable price ($100-$200). What is the best website to order a GPS watch from, or just the best watch?

I have a Garmin 305. Its old, and they don’t make them anymore. but you can still find them at Overstock.com.
It has a heart rate monitor. there are all kinds of accessories for it, too. It has every feature that you could ever want. It can upload and download stuff from your computer – and although its old – its software is new.
However its bulky , and ugly, and slow to find satellites (easy workaround – turn it on before you start warming up).
Amazon is a pretty good place to shop around. and the reviews are worth reading. DCRainmaker has a great website and he does very good reviews and has a lot of side by side comparisons.

I’m pretty sure the least expensive GPS watch is the Timex Marathon. and it does everything you want.
Oh, by the way. All GPS watches can not give you an accurate instantaneous pace. Some of them can be connected to a foot pod that can help with that. Also you can hit the lap button and get your pace for that lap. But if all you need it for is the features you listed you might be better off with a pedometer. If you have an ipod, the nike + kit is only $25.


How can I get over a fear of driving on unfamiliar routes?

I’ve a job interview Tuesday at 9am and the company is located off a highway I’ve never driven on. There are several route changes on the way there as well. None of which I’ve driven on or seen.

I’m too scared to go.

I was advised that a gps would help me but it doesn’t.
It doesn’t erase the fear at all.

I can’t even get myself to do a "dry run".

This fear has been holding me back from other opportunities as well.
What the heck do I do?

It’s only unfamiliar because you’ve never been there, so that needs to change and then you’ll feel more comfortable with it. Try going with a friend who you trust. Then you’ll feel more comfortable with doing a dry run by yourself.

Remember that when you’re going anywhere that’s unfamiliar to you that you’re safe. You can deal with any situation that comes up. If you struggle with ‘what if’ ("What if this happens or that happens?") thinking, remind yourself that it’s best not to cross a bridge before you get to it. And then reinforce the believe that you can deal with things.



TOMTOM VIA GPS Review 130 1435tm CARS VAN TRUCKS RV DASHBOARD WINDSHIELD GPS UNIT with hands free calling bluetooth, voice controlled recognition search, roadside assistance, spoken street names talk back, 7 million points of interest installed, lane preview guidance, this is my Top Best Value GPS unit Review!!!

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